How I Feel Human (complete)

Last year I released a zine about nudism and anxiety. I wrote about it at length here. I haven’t been doing many shows this year, so I haven’t sold anymore copies, and I’m not sure how likely it is that I will, but I still want as many people as possible to see it, so I’m posting it here, in its entirety. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “How I Feel Human (complete)

  1. I had a post about coming out as a nudie. It was really old and didn’t get much attention so I pulled it. Maybe I’ll repost it and send you a link. You are so like me of 40 years ago! Of you don’t mind, I’ll share this on my blog.


  2. Actually… sometimes the safe route is not the best route. The tortoise must stick its head out if it is to make progress. In the case of a nudie, it might be a different part of the anatomy.


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